Foto Wien exhibition, Exhibition Design [may 2022]

The Journal is a member-run collective of several hundred women and non-binary photographers from around the world. Founded in early 2020 at the beginning of the global pandemic, the collective contributes alternative visual narratives to this period of history while offering a platform for support and collaboration.

Six photographers from The Journal were selected to exhibit their work at the photography festival, Foto Wien. The focus of the 2022 festival was highlighting the outstanding, yet often underappreciated photographic achievements of women. The six photographers, from Buenos Aires to Cairo, Istanbul to Montréal, used photography to tackle the private, political, feminist and social issues that cover the six cities where they live.

During my five-month internship at I worked with their partnering project The Journal to develop their unique identity and create innovative strategies that highlight their images and stories on social media. Alongside the team at, I worked on creating the banners showcased at Foto Wien, promotional content for social media and informative printed flyers for the exhibition.