The Domino Effect, Illustration & Animation[jan 2021]

An animation created for the RSA Student Design Awards that promotes living a more conscious lifestyle with the future generation in mind. Similarly to the domino effect, our actions today end up having a significant impact on the future generations. Luckily, we all have the ability to live more consciously and end this chain reaction.

This animation helps to highlight the individual responsibility that each person has to make small changes in their own lives that will have positive repercussions for the future generation. This animation delivers an important message through an entertaining and light-hearted approach.

The illustrative approach revolved around turning complex ideas into minimal yet eye-catching visuals. The vibrant illustration style and bold colour palette was used to engage the viewer in the content. The goal was to make the educational content entertaining and engaging with a playful style that utilised abstract shapes and avoided unnecessary details. This light-hearted approach allows for the complex and difficult subject to come alive.

The ending scene shows the domino falling into a hand, this reinforces the message that every individual has the ability to end the chain reaction by living more consciously with the future generation in mind.