REACT, Identity & Strategy Design [may 2021]

The Limerick School of Art and Design hosted an online graduate showcase for the 2021 Graphic Design Communication class. The student-led showcase aimed to provoke a reaction from not only fellow graduates, but also the wider design community and audience. The event celebrated the concept of responding to our environment, each other, and the obstacles that lie ahead. It highlighted the unique ways in which designers approach briefs, resulting in a range of diverse and varied works.

[Created in collaboration with Becca McDermott, Cathal Humphreys and Diarmuid O’Connor]

[ident : Amanda Goldberga]

As part of the design strategy, a bespoke typeface was created, comprising two alternating sets, and was used alongside Neue Haas Unica.

Our primary social media platform was Instagram, where we published daily content. To introduce each student, we used desktop screenshots, allowing them to personalize their display and providing the public with a distinct insight into their character and design process.

Each graduate was asked to create their interpretation of the identity aimed at promoting the show. The only guidelines given were to take the word REACT in the identity typeface and simply make it appear, disappear or animate it in place, with the medium open to the student. The results were diverse and unique, reflective of our graduating class. These reactions were then used on the landing page of the website and for promoting the event on Instagram.

The website not only presented the work of the graduates but also featured informal discussions among the students and interviews with industry professionals.