Pilcrow, Identity & Web Design [feb 2021]

Pilcrow is a creative collective that seeks to promote and support a new generation of designers, artists and creatives. The aim of the platform is also to inspire the next generation by showcasing a diverse range of work from the newest emerging talent. Pilcrow acts as a platform for information, culture, communication and creativity with in-depth interviews, news stories and opinion pieces.

The main objective behind the creation of this website was to strike a balance between user-friendliness and showcasing the vibrant creativity and contemporary energy of the space. The design was carefully crafted to ensure that the platform is intuitive and easy to navigate, providing a seamless user experience. At the same time, the visual elements and overall brand were designed to capture the essence of the creative space, reflecting its artistic and dynamic nature.

The website design prioritized the user and aimed to enhance their accessibility and viewing experience of the showcased work. To achieve this, a filtering system was carefully designed to empower users with complete control while browsing the site. Members were categorized based on their type of work and recent additions. Additionally, articles on the website are equipped with a filter system that allows viewers to search for specific content types such as opinion, news, or interviews, and they can also filter articles by category.